Most common mistakes of short girls when wearing dresses and how to correct them

How to dress if you are short? Well, you can answer immediately “as you like”.


But for purposes of this article, the useful thing is to know some rules of proportions to look stylish and make the most of your body type and style.

My goal is not to forbid you things, just to explain the visual effect of wearing certain clothes one way or another.
Play and experiment with your clothes, that’s what it’s all about.

To make it more practical, I listed the most common mistakes when wearing dresses and how to correct them:

1. Covering yourself too much


As a general rule, short garments uncover your legs and make them look longer.

Midi (below the knee) or ankle-length cuts can lose the true proportion and dimension of your body.

2. Ignoring your waist


Proportions are everything and marking your waist makes all the difference, it can give the feeling that your torso is longer or your legs are longer.

Mastering this is also perfect if you don’t feel comfortable in short skirts and dresses or want to experiment with other styles. Belts and certain cuts, such as empire or wrap garments, make all the difference.

For example, in this image. Ok, the models are not exactly short, but let’s talk about the visual effect: both dresses are below the knee, the difference is made by the belt that delimits where the torso and legs start and stylizes the figure.

3. Shorten your legs with certain shoes


Flats, tennis shoes, traditional heels solve this; also wear the dress or skirt shorter or have the garment with a wide side slit.


With dresses below the knee, it is best to avoid shoes that are tight around your ankle: ankle boots, espadrilles or certain sandals with thin straps.

When you wear these types of shoes and long dresses it looks like your legs are shorter because of the space between where the shoe ends and the dress ends.

4. Shrink your torso


And, by the way, this effect is the same and in fact is maximized if you wear short dress with cleavage:


When you are short, marking the limits of your body is very important to generate optical illusions.

Necklines help a lot, especially if you are not a fan of “showing leg” and prefer midi or even ankle length.

In this case it is very useful to lengthen your torso and the best way to achieve this is with necklines.

5. Choosing wrong haircut


Avoid fitted, straight, puffy, low cut or low waist, some trapeze.


I personally believe that the length is not as important as the cut.

V-cut that makes cleavage, empire cut that lengthens the leg area, A-line, high waist, evasé help a lot.

As you can see, you can wear anything you like, it’s just a matter of combining it with the right pieces and flattering cuts.

If you have doubts or you like to understand these topics, follow me on social media. I’m also short and my body is not normative so I’m always looking for options: you can find me at.