7 Tips to keep your breasts firm like famous

7 Tips to keep your breasts firm like famous

Even though the quickest solution to maintain perfect breasts Sofia Vergara style may be the scalpel, not everyone has a superb budget like these famous celebrities to combat aging.

However, with a little patience and discipline, these tips will help you prevent sagging breasts and achieve a knockout breast like these famous.

1. Pectoral Exercise Charts

Getting your chest to look like Jennifer Lopez’s in a very low-cut dress requires a lot of exercise. A simple workout is to use a pair of dumbbells or some other kind of heavy object, lie on your back on the floor and open and close your arms without letting your elbows touch the floor. Another routine that we hate, but is very effective, is push-ups

2. Avoid sudden weight changes

Avoid sudden weight gain and weight loss like Christina Aguilera can be detrimental if you want to maintain a firm bust. Sudden changes in weight can end up stretching the skin more than necessary and eventually the breasts will sag more. So, avoid it!

3. Sleep with a bra

One of my best moments of the day is coming home and throwing my bra as far away as possible. Well, maybe for you too. But if we want to reach 41 years old looking spectacular like Penelope Cruz, they recommend wearing a bra all the time. Don’t despair, there are some very comfortable ones to sleep in.

4. Quit smoking

Salma Hayek has confessed that she loves Cuban cigars, and although her breasts look spectacular, the skin in this area contains collagen, which makes them firm and flexible. Exposure to the sun or smoking cigarettes accelerate the loss of this ingredient… So quit the vice Salma!

5. Always keep a good posture

Colombia’s Sofia Vergara has an enviable bust and it’s largely because she always stands with her back and shoulders straight. Try to maintain good posture even when you’re sitting down.

6. Try cold showers

Lindsay Lohan recently shared on social media that she takes ice water baths to improve circulation and skin appearance. If you don’t want to be as extreme as the redhead, try a simple massage in the shower with cold water for a few minutes. It will help you to recover the elasticity of your chest!

7. Never run without a bra

If there’s one thing Kim Kardashian never forgets at home when it comes to working out, it’s a good bra (although she usually forgets at other times). Running without proper support can make your breasts pop too much, which in turn causes rupture of the ligaments that support them.