10 Fiery red hair ideas you should try this year

Fiery red hair ideas

Want a makeover? Here are some fiery red hair color ideas that will make you look spectacular.

Changing your look sometimes and not getting stuck in your comfort zone is good, so if you want to try something new, red and orange dyes are a good idea for a radical transformation.

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You can apply it all over your hair, gradient, half and half, or in streaks, the truth is that there are no rules to change the color of your hair and you can make combinations that will be on fire.

Check out these ideas we have for you on how to combine shades of red in hair color.

1. Purple and red

Fiery red hair ideas

Combine the purple tone in the middle of your hair and add an intense red at the ends.

2. Gradient: Natural color with red

Fiery red hair ideas

If you don’t feel ready to paint your whole hair, try painting from the middle down with a gradient technique. Keep your natural color and apply red at the ends.

3. Pink combination

Fiery red hair ideas

Paint your hair red and add orange, yellow and pink at the ends. You’ll look like a goddess!

4. Multi-color gradient

Fiery red hair ideas

Purple, magenta, red, orange and yellow is a great combination.

5. Bi-color

Fiery red hair ideas

Cruella style; dye one side red and the other in the shade of your choice, we recommend pink or yellow.

6. Red with yellow

Fiery red hair ideas

Give it a try with a very intense red and a bright yellow. It will look very attractive.

7. Deep growth

Fiery red hair ideas

Bleach your roots yellow and paint the ends red: yes, your hair will look like fire.

8. Neon tones are okay

Fiery red hair ideas

Dare and apply a neon orange with a bright yellow gradient.

9. Mahogany tones

Fiery red hair ideas

Okay, if you are looking for something more discreet, mahogany is a good option for you. You can combine it with small coppery red sparkles. It will look beautiful.

10. Reddish orange

Fiery red hair ideas

You can paint all your hair a dark orange if you’re looking for something more relaxed. What’s wrong with doing that?

The red never goes out of style, it is not too late for you to try it to get out of your comfort zone, you will love the results and, best of all, you will feel even more like a goddess than you already are.